"Not everyone hates my writing, Mom."

Whimsy & Soda

“Brozik gingerly plucks up Wodehouse’s characters and pops them down into new, kind of surreal situations. What would happen if Wooster turned into a budgerigar overnight? How would Jeeves handle it? And that’s just the first story. Wait ’til you get to Bruce Wayne. What makes Whimsy & Soda such a fantastic parody is that Brozik manages to stay completely true to the characters, no matter how bizarre the situation. He has a perfect handle on their voices and personalities that can only possibly come from a devotion to Wodehouse. The situations he comes up with for the characters can only come from a brilliant and probably somewhat disturbed mind. Brozik’s humor is as tightly controlled as Wodehouse’s. He, too, never slips over the edge and never breaks from Wodehouse’s voice, except in the one twist of the situation he sticks the characters into.”

– Emily Rosenbaum, Edge of the Page

“I admit it. When Matthew David Brozik told me he was writing a collection of PG Wodehouse stories from alternate universes, I thought he was probably nuts. Then I read the book. And I realized I was wrong. He was DEFINITELY nuts. No sane person would think of writing a story in which Jeeves goes to work for Bruce Wayne and helps turn him into Batman. No sane person would bring Doc Brown from Back to the Future into the Wodehouse universe. But Matthew did it. And the craziest part is, he did it brilliantly. It shouldn't work, but it works like gangbusters. It's funny and inventive and unpredictable. And he captures Wodehouse’s voice so well that even when Batman shows up, it still somehow feels authentic. Buy this book. You won't regret it.”

– Jacob Sager Weinstein

Whimsy & Soda is finally here, and you would be crazy not to read it. Few working humorists today could produce a work this complex and pleasurable. If you read only one collection of short stories based on P.G. Wodehouse characters this year, make it this one.”

– Howard Megdal

“I was hesitant to order this e-book as I am a passionate fan of Plum (i.e., I spend most of my lunch hours with a Wodehouse in hand) and found it hard to imagine that any—pastiche? homage? satire?—would live up to the impossibly high standards of his writing.... I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Whimsy & Soda does just that—the author has a firm grasp both on Wodehousian language and the Wodehouse universe, incorporating references to many old friends of whom we Plum-lovers are fond. The stories are just authentic enough that the outrageous turns-of-plot are wholly credible as something P.G. himself might’ve written (perhaps after getting well-lubricated at the Drones). Highly recommended to all those who long to see Bertie and Jeeves again!”

– Amazon.com review (5 stars)

“Great fun. As a hardcore Wodehouse fan, I was expecting to be annoyed by the book, but I was completely won over by Matthew David Brozik’s loving—and hilarious—mash-ups of Jeeves & Wooster and a parade of modern pop culture references.”

– Goodreads.com review

Taking Ivy Seriously

“I fired up my Kindle to read this one because I enjoy Brozik’s writing so much. He specializes in silliness for nerds, LOL humor for the crossword-puzzle set. Taking Ivy Seriously lives up to his previous work. It imagines a world more or less like contemporary America, except where literature and words have very high stakes. Poetry is a bit illicit and politicians are caught messing around with words out of wedlock. It’s a tale of intrigue that centers around a teenaged girl and her manuscript of pedestrian poetry. Only Brozik could make that unbelievably funny. I won’t spoil the plot for you, but I’ll say that one of the charms of this book is that Brozik always knows just how far to take the humor. It’s tongue-in-cheek—far more than most writers could get away with—but the whole time you get the sense that Brozik is laughing at himself for doing it. If you or a nerd you love is looking for light, fun beach reading as a break from Elizabethan poetry and Bakhtin, this is the book you’re looking for. If you enjoyed Eat, Pray, Love, I can’t help you with that.”

– Emily Rosenbaum, Edge of the Page

Taking Ivy Seriously is a delightful read, quite funny in places, brimming with the kinds of jokes and clever turns-of-phrase you will find yourself savoring. Brozik astutely captures what it is like to be young, smart, and caught up in a shadowy web of intrigue; I loved his portrayal of the teenage protagonist and her best friend—their scenes together depicted the rhythms of adolescent friendship with an understated charm that rang very true to life. If you love language, are interested in law and its many applications, and enjoy well-drawn, memorable characters, fast-paced suspense, and government conspiracies that maybe aren’t exactly what they seem, definitely pick this one up.”

– Molly Schoemann McCann

“Lighthearted but not lightweight. The wordplay alone makes this worth reading....”

– Amazon.com review (5 stars)

Gooroo’s Pro-Magnon Kitchen

“This book made me laugh my ass off. Granted, I was drunk off strawberry wine, but I guarantee you will also laugh your ass off. You’ll just need this book and perhaps a glass of strawberry wine.”

– Mike Sacks, author of POKING A DEAD FROG,

“If you’re one of those people who can barely boil water, this is the cookbook for you. After all, its namesake has only just discovered fire. Let Gooroo drag you back to her cave and then into a more enlightened era of cooking—if by enlightened era, you mean the Pleistocene. From Rock Soup to Pteriyaki Pterodactyl Wings, the recipes in Gooroo's Pro-Magnon Kitchen won’t have you digging too far before you hit a cache of prehistoric funny bones.”

– Adam Kuban, founding editor of SeriousEats.com
and founder of SLICE and A HAMBURGER TODAY

“Matthew David Brozik and Lauren Krueger’s caveman cookbook is so funny, it could have evolved mankind from the Stone Age right into the Rubber Chicken Age.”

– Rob Kutner, multiple Emmy-winning Conan writer
and author of APOCALYPSE HOW

“Book good. Buy book, or Jacob hit you with bone of locally sourced, organic animal.”

– Jacob Sager Weinstein, contributor to The New Yorker and McSweeney’s

“A delightful read, Gooroo's Pro-Magnon Kitchen somehow manages to be an actual, useful cookbook and also very funny. Recommended not just for cavemen, but for everyone who enjoys a tasty bowl of pterodactyl.”

– Jeremy Blachman, author of ANONYMOUS LAWYER

“This book is seriously funny! It’s funny in the way that someone with a significant cerebral defect—like having a chunk of one’s prefrontal cortex burrowed through by brain parasites, say—can be funny, even though they really don’t know why everyone around them is laughing uncomfortably. That kind of funny. So enjoy (I certainly did), and know that this is definitely a book worth purchasing, if not for the laughs, then for the sake of its authors, who so clearly need money for brain parasite medication. That stuff is expensive.”

– Scott Gold, food writer, author of THE SHAMELESS CARNIVORE

“Some books have a great concept but then mess up the follow-through. Gooroo's Pro-Magnon Kitchen, on the other hand, takes a very funny concept—a cookbook for the caveperson era—and develops it beautifully without ever stepping over the line into overkill. The recipes are the best part, as they are real recipes written for those who cook in gourds over an open fire, but those of us with gas ranges can easily make the appropriate substitutions. I agree with the review that advises people not to read this in public places unless you like howling with laughter in front of strangers.”

– Emily Rosenbaum