“I was taught to say nothing about another person’s appearance if I can’t find a way to say something nice, so I’ll say that of all the other persons I’ve encountered in my years, Peg McMoughin was one of them. She had the usual number of arms, legs, and head, none of which warrant further comment. She wore clothes.”



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Daniel Menaker
[author; fiction editor, The New Yorker]:

“Matthew David Brozik is a very funny and inventive writer. His [work] always manage[s] to be not only funny but surprising—developed in a way that shows imagination, whimsy, and a mordant understanding of the human condition.”

Derek Haas
[author; screenwriter; showrunner]:

“Matthew is a delight to read... offering pathos, humor, twists, and surprises.... His fiction packs a wallop and always leaves me wanting more.”

Rob Kutner
[author; multiple Emmy-winner]:

“Matthew is a relentless machine of witty, inventive, and giant-brained-and-hearted fictions. I literally never know what’s going to come out of him next, just that I’ll be hooked.”

Jeremy Blachman
[author; playwright; screenwriter]:

“Matthew writes with such playfulness and wit, and has a storytelling skill that is consistently enviable.”

Jacob Sager Weinstein
[author; humorist; tv writer]:

“Matthew marries perfectly polished, deadpan prose to offbeat and inventive stories that constantly bend in unexpected directions.”

Brian Boone
[author; playwright; editor, Splitsider]:

“Matthew is staggeringly good and prolific. I’d publish something by him every week. Or every other week. It’s also kind of maddening that he is a successful attorney in addition to being a stellar writer.”



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